Stealth(aware)™ Executive Brief

Secure your remote workforce in the COVID-19 crisis

Take Control of Your Network

Security monitoring and response teams are struggling to maintain visibility in an increasingly borderless IT environment with the growing volume and variety of devices, users and data moving across networks. Assumptions-based security decisions lead to the possibility of unaddressed vulnerabilities. To reduce your risk exposure and quickly respond to attacks, you need complete visibility into your network.

Part of the Unisys Stealth® security software suite, Stealth(aware)™is locally distributed by Agilient and provides you with powerful live discovery, modelling and visualisation to see network relationships and use microsegmentation to isolate trusted entities. Increased traffic insight informs your decisions to permit, restrict or block access to sensitive data—then automatically deploy those policies to endpoints.

Visualize and Model Using Powerful Live Discovery

Stealth(aware) allows you to visually discover endpoints and workloads on your network, as well as their communications using live discovery or existing packet capture files (pcap). It enables you to create new network models from scratch to visualise new environments.

Simplify with Contextual Intelligence

To cut through network complexity, Stealth(aware) contextual intelligence combines rule-based and machine learning approaches to classify and cluster nodes for easy identification of network assets and data flows. Adjustable granularity levels balance simplicity and details, and you can customise classification criteria to support the creation of profile types unique to your environment.

Visually Define and Enforce Security Policies

With a single click, your network map transforms into a model of microsegmentation policies. A simple and intuitive user interface allows you to update and create new policies on the fly. To accelerate network protection and compliance, security policies are automatically deployed. Stealth(aware) keeps your network view current by refreshing network maps to identify policy violations or unwanted and suspicious communications, allowing you to quickly create and update security policies to block them.

UNISYS Stealth Software Suite

Agilient has partnered with Unisys to distribute Stealth in Australia. Stealth is a flexible software suite trusted by government and commercial organisations that transforms your existing network into a Zero Trust Network, preventing and minimising the impact of cyberattacks from inside and outside the perimeter using a combination of encryption, cloaking and software-defined microsegmentation based on trusted identities.

Why UNISYS and Agilient?

In our digital world, critical applications and systems deliver vital access to energy, transportation, financial services and healthcare as well as strong national security and defense. Industry-leading organisations trust Unisys to maximise security posture across IT, OT and production environments. Unisys Security Solutions and Agilient combine expert consulting, advanced technologies and managed services that span the entire security lifecycle.

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