Aviation and Airport Security Consultants Australia

Australian’s enthusiasm for travel, both for work and leisure, continues to increase - over 11.1 million Australians returned from overseas trips in 2018, with that number expected to rise again this year. And with 8.8 million people travelling to Australia in 2017 alone, the security of our airports as a gateway into Australia is paramount.

On 8th May 2018, the Australian Government announced measures to further strengthen Australia's domestic and international aviation security, following the disrupted alleged terror plot in July 2017. The strengthened security measures will ensure Australia remains a trusted destination for trade and travel and a world-leader in aviation security.

Some of the measures include the use of body scanners and advanced X-ray equipment at major and regional Australian airports. The Government recognises the unique challenges faced by regional aviation and plans to provide $50.1 million in funding to regional airports to assist with security upgrades.

At Agilient, we help our aviation clients to safeguard Australia's aviation transport system from terrorism and acts of unlawful interference. We have worked with all of Australia’s major international airports and also recognise the importance of stakeholder input. Our services include:

  • Security reviews for major international and smaller regional airports;
  • Project management of security projects;
  • Negotiation of contracts with physical security providers;
  • Checked baggage process screening;
  • Airport security technology recommendation and implementation including CCTV, SACS, passenger and checked baggage screening systems; and
  • Provision of investigative safety services.

With the popularity of air travel comes security challenges, and it is essential that security measures continue to address the emerging threat environment within Australia and worldwide. Contact us today to request an assessment and see how Agilient can enhance your security and add value to your business.