TrustCheck™ Cyber Risk Management

Cybersecurity risk assessment with actionable insights your board can understand

Cybersecurity risk assessment with actionable insights your board can understand

CISOs increasingly need to present cybersecurity risk in boardrooms, requiring the translation of highly technical cyber risks into the language of business. Quantifying the likelihood and impact of these risks in objective financial terms is essential to gaining the executive buy-in you need to protect your organisation.

With TrustCheck™, Unisys working in partnership with Agilient transforms the cyber risk conversation, enabling organisations to align their security initiatives with their business strategy. TrustCheck™ describes the likelihood and impact of a cyber-event across a multitude of attack patterns and threats. It helps organisations identify their greatest risks based on the threats that will have the greatest financial impact on their business. After identifying and prioritising client cyber risk, Unisys and Agilient recommends risk treatment strategies aimed at addressing the greatest potential for loss.

Assess cybersecurity and cyber risk posture in economic terms.
Determine the likelihood of a cyber-related financial loss.
Easily communicate risk reduction initiatives to the board.

Analyse the return on investment of cybersecurity investments.

Prioritise risk mitigation strategies.

Understand where the risk transfer zone is for all cyber perils.

TrustCheck™ enables security leaders to change security investment conversations from fear, uncertainty and doubt to objective cybersecurity economics.

TrustCheck™ Point of Views

TrustCheck™ service enables risk management professionals to make fact-based, sound decisions about how they manage their cybersecurity programs on an ongoing basis throughout the year. With TrustCheck’s Scenario Lab, CSOs and CISOs can model risk mitigation efforts to see where they will get the greatest return on investment (ROI) from a cost reduction standpoint. Download these Point of Views to learn more.
Streamlining and Simplifying the Financial End of Risk Management
The Key to Assessing the Financial Impact of Risk

Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Buyer Checklist

Cybersecurity leaders need to align security initiatives with business strategy and express cyber risk management in economic terms their board can understand. Use this checklist to ensure you select a Risk Management Solution that meets all your cybersecurity needs.

Prioritise Cybersecurity Investment and Predict the Business Impact

In this video learn how you can prioritise your cybersecurity investments throught a cyber risk model that is trusted by the insurance industry to underwrite billions of dollars in cyber insurance policies annually.

Cybersecurity Economics: An Evolution in Cybersecurity Management

It is not possible to protect against all known and emerging cyber threats. What is possible is asking, “Which threats have the greatest potential impact to the organization?” Using an economic model of risk assessment is crucial to answering those questions correctly.

Unisys TrustCheck™ - A Fresh Risk Management Solution for Today and Tomorrow

With TrustCheck™, Unisys working with Agilient fundamentally transforms the cyber risk conversation, enabling organisations to align security initiatives with business strategy.

Download the Executive Brief.

Quantified Financial Risk of IT Security

Unisys commissioned Forrester Consulting to investigate, how firms correlate security posture with business outcomes and how they communicate these findings to their boards.

Download the report.