Defence & Defence Industry
Below are some samples of the projects Agilient and its personnel have successfully completed in this industry sector.
  • Obtain iRap accreditation for defence projects and contractors.
  • Review defence purchasing management systems.
  • Conduct security reviews for Security Vetting Agencies.
  • Physical and Electronic Security Design and SCEC Certification of Defence Helicopter Facilities across multiple sites.
  • Defence Helicopter simulator site security audit, design and recertification.
  • Defence Industry aircraft hangar physical and electronic security design and SCEC certification.
  • Physical and electronic security design and SCEC Certification of a Defence weapons training simulator system.
  • Technical review of electronic security designs for Defence’s heavy-lift aircraft.
  • Co-authors of the Department of Defence’s Security Management System (SMS) Manual, which governs the nature of Defence-wide security arrangements, consistent with the PSPF and ISM.