Security Risk Assessment Consultants

Every day, organisations are faced with the challenge of identifying, evaluating and responding to the ever-growing risks and threats facing them. This is often a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be.


Conducting a Security Risk Assessment (SRA) allows organisations to take a comprehensive and structured approach to identifying, analysing and evaluating the security risks that are facing their organisation, its assets and its people. From here, they are more equipped to determine practical steps to minimise these risks.

A part of the overall Security Risk Management Process, a Security Risk Assessment analyses your entities risks by targeting their source, their consequences and their probability, generating a specialised list of risks and threats that can and will affect your organisations information, assets and people. The risks are as comprehensively detailed as possible, to provide a clear image for decision-makers.
Interestingly, conducting a Security Risk Assessment often involves placing yourself in the shoes of an attacker. This perspective allows the entire organisation to collaborate a holistic view of the risk and then act by effectively allocating resources and implementing the right security measures. Additionally, in order to make this effective allocation, Security Risk Assessment’s calls for the organisation to determine the value of its data and assets so that certain areas can be prioritised, and resources can be more effectively deployed.
Agilient’s Security consultants are highly experienced in conducting in-depth Security Risk Assessment’s. At Agilient, our security consultants specialise in:
  • Developing an in-depth understanding of each individual organisations profile and needs, through extensive consultation and a genuine focus on our clients;
  • Designing appropriate and effective security strategies, policies and systems;
  • Implementing these strategies, policies and systems smoothly and efficiently;
  • Testing, reviewing and updating these strategies, policies and systems regularly;
  • Coordinating all relevant information, personnel and experts in order to deliver the best results;
  • Collaborating with all relevant stakeholders and providing constant feedback.
At Agilient, we have a well-earned and impressive reputation in the security industry and are known for providing intelligent and cost-effective security services. Contact us today to learn more about our Security Risk Assessment process.