Health & Hospitals

Security in the health industry is one of the most complex, challenging environments. Naturally, it is an industry that undergoes constant and significant change across the board. In recent years alone, hospitals around Australia have experienced huge administrative changes, a rise in technology-enabled care and a serious spike in the number of anger-related presentations and weapon-inflicted injuries. Hospital admissions have continued to rise an average 3.9% a year since 2012, with more than 11 million people being admitted to hospital between 2016 and 2017.

The health industry has a responsibility to provide the highest possible quality of care and safety to patients across Australia. This fundamentally requires resilient, effective security and risk policies to be in place across all aspects of the service; from security guards to crisis management, cyber security to employee training. This is where Agilient comes in. Our team of expert security consultants have years of experience in providing the best, tailored security assessments and solutions to Hospitals, Health Centres, Local Health Districts, Health Departments and more. We provide security services in the following specialities:

  • Dealing with Aggressive and Violent Clients;
  • Health Protective Security;
  • Health IT Systems Penetration Testing;
  • Health Related Business Continuity Planning;
  • Health Cyber Security; and
  • Health IT Governance.

We place a strong emphasis on understanding and addressing our individual clients’ security needs, by contextualising the risks, evaluating the needs and options and ultimately producing various effective security policies and strategies. This may involve looking at your Hospital surveillance, patient records security, hospital security management and more.

Agilient offers a variety of security services to the Hospital and Health industry, including:

  • Comprehensive Health Service Security Review
  • Hospital Security Review
  • Formal Health Security Assurance Review
  • Hospital Security Risk Assessments and/or Review
  • Hospital Threat and Risk Assessments
  • Hospital and Health Service Threat and Risk Methodology
  • Health Service Security Risk Assessment
  • Hospital Protective Security Risk Review
  • Security Risk, and Associated Hospital Risk Controls Assessment
  • Hospital Business Impact Analysis

These security models are designed to help us understand our client; your risk profile, your current security approach and the specific challenges you face, all so that we can help you to develop a strong and effective security policy and minimise or eliminate risk. Contact us today to request an assessment and see how Agilient can help manage your security.