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Penetration Testing

Penetration testing or pen testing is an ethical attack, approved by you, on your business. Agilient identifies ways that hackers will get in, what damage they can cause…

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Network Security

Agilient provides organisations guidance on network security. This applies to the security of devices, security of management activities related to networked devices…

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IT Governance

Enterprises have many reasons for implementing an IT governance framework. These can range from business and IT alignment, integrated enterprise and…

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Regions our security consultants operate

We have a national based dedicated security team of consultants that manage clients over Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Perth & Adelaide.

What Our Security Consultants Do?

Agilient are experts at solving complex security challenges.
Our market-leading security consultants are the best at what they do.

Protect Your Business With The Leaders In Security Consulting

Agilient, security consultant team,  specialises in helping our clients solve the complex risk and security challenges prevalent in today’s multi-faceted business environment.

We have a proven track record, working on proactive and reactive security for some of Australia’s most high-profile organisations.

Our security consultants have managed security in Top 100 companies and major Government organisations. They not only understand cybersecurity and protective security but have also been at the forefront of the development of many of frameworks that have evolved as best practice.



  • Aviation and Airport Security Consultants Australia

  • Defence & Defence Industry Security Consulting

  • Government Security Consulting

  • Healthcare & Hospitals Security Consulting

  • Corrections and Detention Industry

  • Maritime Security Consultant

  • Mining, Oil & Gas

  • Public Venues & Events

  • Rail

  • School and Education Security Consultant

  • Telecommunications Security Consultant

  • Utilities

We Provide Security Consulting Services

Our security consultants have helped various levels of organisations from private to military to government, all across Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Tasmania & Canberra. We have the security expertise to analyse your requirements.

Defence Security and Intelligence

With a wealth of experience attained through numerous high-level defence security and intelligence-related projects, Agilient consultants possess an impressive depth of knowledge in this niche area.
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Critical Infrastructure Risk and Resilience

Critical assets to the functioning of society require enhanced levels of protection from threats that seek to do harm or cause interruptions to the supply of vital services across the community.
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Government Security

Government security is a core area of expertise at Agilient and lies at the heart of those resilience related services that we supply to Government departments and Government agencies.
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Private Sector Security and Resilience

Agilient takes pride in delivering expert private sector security and resilience-related services and integrated solutions to meet our client’s needs and budget.
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Security Consultants

Being proactive in your approach to security is an invaluable competitive advantage to any organisation. Security design involves building security into your organisation from the ground up and weaving these security priorities seamlessly into every aspect of your organisation.
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Protective Security

Having a well defined and robust protective security strategy is critical for any organisation that seeks to safeguard their assets, systems and people. Organisations that lack a formal enterprise protective security strategy more often than not make intuitive decisions rather than informed ones.
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Agilient: Pioneering Security Consulting in Australia

In today’s digital age, the significance of security cannot be overstated. As businesses and organisations in Australia rapidly evolve, the complexity of threats they face intensifies. Enter the pivotal role of a security consultant.

Recent statistics highlight the growing urgency. According to the Australian Cyber Security Centre, cyber incidents in Australia increased by 13% in the past year alone, costing businesses millions of dollars annually. While technology has opened doors to countless opportunities, it has also unveiled new vulnerabilities.

Security consulting has thus become a linchpin for organisations striving to safeguard their assets, reputation, and future.

Security consultants at Agilient don’t merely address vulnerabilities; they anticipate them, curate tailored solutions, and empower businesses to flourish in an increasingly uncertain environment.

Leveraging cutting-edge methodologies and a deep understanding of Australia’s unique security landscape, Agilient’s security consulting services are designed to fortify and future-proof.

Our holistic approach ensures comprehensive protection in cybersecurity, physical infrastructure, and organisational resilience.

In the competitive Australian market, where the difference between success and setback often hinges on preparedness, isn’t it time your organisation partnered with a premier security consultant?

Discover how Agilient’s security consulting expertise can be the cornerstone of your organisation’s resilience.

Australia’s Security Landscape: Diverse Threats in a Dynamic Environment

With its robust economy and technological advancements, Australia isn’t exempt from the array of security threats prevalent in today’s interconnected world. The island continent faces unique challenges, both in the digital and physical realms.

  • Cyber Threats

As Australian businesses increasingly migrate to digital platforms, they become attractive targets for cybercriminals. Ransomware attacks, phishing schemes, and data breaches have all surged, with perpetrators ranging from individual hackers to sophisticated state-sponsored entities.

  • Terrorism

Though Australia has been fortunate to experience fewer incidents compared to other nations, the threat of terror attacks, both domestic and international, remains a concern. Public spaces, critical infrastructure, and iconic landmarks are potential targets.

  • Espionage and Foreign Interference

The nation’s political, economic, and technological stature makes it a target for espionage activities, with potential adversaries seeking to influence Australia’s policies or steal proprietary information.

  • Organised Crime

Illicit activities, from drug trafficking to money laundering, pose significant challenges. Organised crime syndicates exploit vulnerabilities in border control, financial systems, and cyber networks.

In this multifaceted threat environment, Australia’s need for comprehensive security solutions has never been more pressing. Vigilance, innovation, and adaptability are essential in navigating and countering these challenges.

Agilient’s Comprehensive Security Consulting Services: Safeguarding Australia’s Future

In the face of Australia’s diverse and evolving security challenges, Agilient stands at the forefront, offering various tailored security consulting services.

Our security consultants are seasoned professionals dedicated to fortifying the nation’s businesses, infrastructure, and institutions. 

Here’s how we pioneer security consulting:

Risk Assessment

At the heart of top-level security lies a deep understanding of vulnerabilities. Agilient’s consultants meticulously evaluate your organisation’s potential risks, charting out the threat landscape to pinpoint areas of concern.

Cybersecurity Solutions

With the surge in digital threats, our security consultants offer comprehensive cybersecurity audits, strategies, and implementations. We aim to safeguard your digital assets from known and emerging cyber challenges.

Physical Security Design

Beyond the digital, Agilient excels in providing state-of-the-art physical security solutions. From access controls to CCTV systems and perimeter defences, we ensure your physical assets remain uncompromised.

Business Continuity Planning

Our security consultants understand the importance of maintaining operations amidst disruptions. We help organisations craft robust continuity plans to ensure resilience in the face of adversities.

Training and Workshops

A well-informed team is the first line of defence. Agilient organises training sessions and workshops, ensuring staff are equipped with the latest security knowledge and practices.

Regulatory Compliance

With ever-evolving laws and regulations, staying compliant is crucial. Our security consultants offer guidance on adhering to local and international security standards, ensuring your operations remain within legal boundaries.

Crisis Management

When critical incidents occur, swift and effective response is paramount. Agilient’s consultants are adept at crafting and implementing crisis management plans, ensuring minimal disruption and speedy recovery.

Insider Threat Analysis

Not all threats come from the outside. Our security consultants help organisations identify potential internal threats and implement countermeasures to safeguard against insider malfeasance.

Continuous Monitoring

The threat landscape is dynamic. Agilient provides continuous security monitoring services, ensuring real-time threat detection and prompt response.

Harnessing our security consultants’ combined experience and expertise, Agilient ensures that organisations across Australia are not just prepared but fortified against the vast spectrum of security challenges. 

In a world of uncertainties, trust Agilient as the unwavering shield guarding your organisation’s present and future.

Why Choose Agilient for Security Consulting?

Expertise You Can Trust

At Agilient, our team comprises seasoned security consultants with years of experience across various sectors. Our depth of knowledge ensures that we can anticipate and counter challenges effectively.

Comprehensive Approach

We believe in a holistic approach to security. Our consulting services span digital cyber threats to physical security measures, ensuring all bases are covered.

Tailored Solutions

No two organisations are alike, and neither are their security needs. Agilient prides itself on crafting bespoke security solutions that align perfectly with your organisation’s unique vulnerabilities and requirements.

Cutting-Edge Technology

We stay abreast of the latest advancements in security technology, ensuring our clients benefit from state-of-the-art security measures.

Proactive Monitoring

In the ever-changing landscape of security threats, a reactive stance isn’t sufficient. Our continuous monitoring services ensure threats are detected and neutralised in real time.

Robust Training Programs

Knowledge empowers. Agilient’s extensive training programs equip your team with the skills and awareness to participate actively in your organisation’s security posture.

Regulatory Compliance

Our in-depth understanding of local and international security regulations ensures that your organisation is always compliant, averting potential legal complications.

Stellar Reputation

Our track record speaks for itself. Organisations across Australia trust Agilient for their security needs, and our consistent delivery of excellence has solidified our reputation in the security consulting arena.

Client-Centric Approach

At the heart of our operations lies a commitment to our clients. We value collaboration, ensuring our clients are involved and informed at every step of the security consulting process.

Results-Driven Methodology

We don’t just offer advice; we deliver results. Our solutions are designed to bring tangible improvements in your security posture, bolstering resilience and readiness.

In an age of increasing uncertainties and sophisticated threats, Agilient is a beacon of reliability and effectiveness in the security consulting landscape. Partner with us and fortify your organisation’s future with unmatched security prowess.

Ready to bolster your organisation’s security? Contact our team today for a bespoke consultation.