Public Venues & Events

The High-Risk Public Venues and Events Industry

Australia’s enthusiasm for the arts has led to a proliferation of public venues and events across the country, and with a rapidly expanding population and a thriving tourist industry, this sector will continue to grow.

Visits to the Sydney Opera House have gone up by 33% since 2013, reaching 10.9 million in 2018, while the 2018 Vivid Sydney event alone attracted 2.25 million attendees.

In March 2018, the Sydney Olympic Park recorded its highest number of monthly visits since the 2000 Olympics with 1.8 million visitors, and the NSW Government are investing in three new stadiums around Sydney, helping to establish Sydney as a world-class hub for events.

Crowded Places and High Profiles: Effective Security Solutions for the Industry

With numbers like these, it’s clear to see why organisations that run events or manage venues must ensure that their security is up to the task of protecting thousands of people from a large variety of risks. Our team of expert security consultants have years of experience in providing the best and most tailored security assessments and solutions to the Venues and Events industry.

In providing these security services for the public venues and events industry, we work across all aspects of security, including:

  • Anticipating security challenges such as a growing population and increased technology capabilities;
  • Balancing security needs and customer service;
  • Strengthening partnerships;
  • Enabling proactive and reactive security measures;
  • Working with cybersecurity risks and concerns; and
  • Considering both the public and stakeholders needs.

In meeting our client’s security needs, Agilient’s consultants utilise industry standards, stakeholder and client engagement, comprehensive research and our own industry expertise. We have experience in applying the National Counter-Terrorism Committee (NCTC) National Guidelines for the Protection of Places of Mass Gathering from Terrorism. As well as several other event and venue security best practice frameworks.

Our Specialised Security Services Cater to All Public Venues or Events

Agilient offers a variety of security services to the industry, including:

  • Vehicle Control Measures;
  • Venue Crowd Control Management Strategy;
  • Formal Venue Physical Security Assessment;
  • Venue Security Risk Assessments;
  • Event Security Risk Assessments;
  • Venue Threat Assessments;
  • Event Threat Assessments;
  • Implementation of Venue Security Controls;
  • Implementation of Event Security Controls;
  • Event Emergency Management Planning;
  • Event Business Continuity Management; and
  • Event Crisis Management Planning;

These security models are designed to help us understand our client: your risk profile, your current security approach and the specific challenges you face, so we can help you develop a strong and effective security policy.

Contact us today to request an assessment and see how Agilient can enhance your security and add value to your business.