Government Security Consulting

Australia’s Government institutions have a significant impact in industries ranging from the Arts to Business, Justice to the Environment. From risk assessment to business resilience, the security of our Government clients is protected as a result of using our services.

We work with an impressive range of Government Departments and Agencies across Australia encompassing Federal, State and Local organisations.. Here, Agilient has addressed issues such as cyber threats, crisis management, casual and targeted crime threats, IT system reviews and more for Government departments that range from Science to Transport to Economics. Because of the Government’s sweeping connection to such a variety of areas, it is essential that every aspect of its security is reviewed and bolstered by experts like Agilient.

At Agilient, our Government clients know every aspect of their security is covered. Our services include:

  • Implementation assistance with the Protective Security Policy Framework (PSPF);
  • Implementation assistance with the Information Security Manual (ISM);
  • Information Security Registered Assessor Program (IRAP);
  • Security Construction and Equipment Committee (SCEC) Security Zone (and T4 Technical Notes) Consulting;
  • Development of security policies and procedures;
  • Implementation assistance with the Essential Eight cyber security strategies to mitigate cyber security incidents and reviews;
  • Cyber security threat and risk assessments;
  • Personnel security risk assessments;
  • Systems for dealing with aggressive customers;
  • Government enterprise security risk assessments;
  • Government security strategies and change management;
  • Project management: master planning, technology convergence, cost-benefit analysis, security awareness and training;
  • Specialist security advice and facilitation of crisis, emergency and business continuity exercises;
  • Development of security plans to cater for security risk treatment strategies;
  • Site protective security audits;
  • Security operations reviews;
  • Business continuity planning;
  • Emergency management planning; and
  • Crisis Management planning.

While the security within Government Institutions is often extremely complex and wide-ranging, Agilient specialises in streamlining all aspects of security planning and implementation and is able to draw upon its extensive experience and expertise to do the job.

Contact us today to discuss how Agilient can work with your organisation’s key stakeholders for the best possible outcomes.