Government Institutions
Below are some samples of the projects Agilient and its personnel have successfully completed in this industry sector.
  • Project management of perimeter security including z-ray, magnetometer, CCTV and access control with associated construction works for a $250M State Justice project.
  • Agency-wide review of Protective Security Policy Framework (PSPF) compliance, encapsulating Head and Regional Office operations across Australia. Agilient consultants were engaged to undertake a gap analysis, and INFOSEC and Enterprise Security Risk Assessments, which involved aggregating operational risk data from past reviews.
  • Risk assessments and management, change management, strategy, master planning, budgets, technology convergence, maintenance, cost-benefit analysis, OH&S, security awareness and training, and project management for a State Justice project.
  • Review of existing policies and procedures to ensure compliance with all 33 Protective Security Policy Framework (PSPF) Mandatory Protocols.
  • Provision of advisory services to a State-based Critical Infrastructure Unit, providing specialist security advice and participation in numerous emergency exercises with CI owners and operators in various industries throughout the State.
  • Development of a security plan to cater for security risk treatment strategies
  • Site Security Audit, State legal support and housing stakeholders and sites.
  • Risk assessments at Regional and satellite office locations consistent with PSPF requirements.
  • Security Operations, asset and systems management at an Australian Embassy and High Commission.
  • Enterprise Security Risk Assessment and preparation of a ‘PSPF Compliance Roadmap’ to provide a pathway to compliance.
  • Business continuity planning and subsequent exercise for a range of Government Departments and Agencies. Lessons learned were documented and supplied to key stakeholders to ensure updates and necessary improvements were made to the overall resilience framework, ITDRPs and BCPs.
  • PSPF and ISM services including compliance assessments, security policy and plan development and Enterprise Security Risk Assessments/Protective Security Risk Reviews for a series of Departments and Agencies.