Physical Security Consulting

Across all industries, from Health or Defence to Research and Education, physical security is a universally constant and crucial topic that is often overlooked or poorly understood. Indeed, physical security poses a more serious threat today than ever before, as organisations face the challenge of protecting their facilities, people, data, networks, equipment, systems and more.

Physical security is distinctively complex and covers a wide variety of security concerns. Essentially, it is the prevention or mitigation of threats that arise from physical hazards such as attackers, environmental disasters or aggressive customers. It involves understanding many factors such as your organisations services, location, geography, social and political environment, design and customers.
All the cryptography, firewalls and other security strategies would be pointless without physical security measures in place. That is why at Agilient, we take pride in our comprehensive experience and expertise in providing physical security consulting. We have delivered expansive physical security consulting to a variety of industries from government to healthcare, covering topics such as customer aggression, intrusion detection systems, CCTV, manpower and environmental design.
Our physical security consulting services at Agilient include:
  • Conducting technical security control assessments
  • Implementing the principles of security zones and layers
  • Implementing the principles of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)
  • Designing and implementing access control systems
  • Designing and implementing CCTV systems
  • Designing and implementing alarms and monitoring systems
  • Designing and implementing biometric systems and data analytics
  • Managing, reviewing and optimising for efficiency guarding workforces
  • Emergency, crisis management and continuity systems
Agilient’s consultants are dedicated to delivering well-defined and robust physical security strategies that will enable any organisation to effectively safeguard its assets, systems and people.