Security Design Consulting

Being proactive in your approach to security is an invaluable competitive advantage to any organisation. Security design involves building security into your organisation from the ground up and weaving these security priorities seamlessly into every aspect of your organisation.

The architecture of an organisation is not simply physical; it is about people, processes, geography, systems, policies, technology and more. In order to achieve strong architecture, you must have security design in mind when developing and re-developing each and every part of your organisation. This enables entities to keep up with rising security threats and to mitigate their effects.

Security design contradicts the common tendency for security to be a reactionary afterthought, usually in response to a damaging event. This approach of patching security problems as they arise is hit and miss and often leads to avoidable issues becoming more costly than necessary.

This is why it is critical to embed security into your business from the start. At Agilient, our security design consulting enables your organisation to minimise its risk and ensure continuity. Our consultants will help you design your security approach in order to protect your property, profits, people and data.

Agilient’s consultants can address your security design needs at any stage of development and in a variety of ways, including:

  • Conducting Security and Threat Assessments;
  • Creating a Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) strategy;
  • Developing security policies and procedures;
  • Developing and implementing periodic testing and review systems;
  • Implementation assistance for best practice ad regulatory standards.
Security design involves embedding security deep into your organisation, and ensuring it is a fundamental priority at every stage of development. Contact Agilient today to find out how our security design consultants can help you build and maintain a trustworthy and resilient business.