Third Party Risk Monitoring

Protect your Organisation from Vendor Data Breaches

Managing your organisation’s security posture is difficult without adding the complexity of third party vendors. Each third-party opens the door for potential risk to your organization. As the list of vendors grows, exposure increases. Protecting this expanded attack surface requires expertise, infrastructure, and capabilities that few companies have the resources and budget to address.

LookingGlass™ Third-Party Risk Monitoring is distributed in Australia by Agilient and is a cost-effective, risk-focused approach to managing and mitigating third-party cyber risk. Our managed, continuous monitoring service includes human-review of all flagged incidents, as well as a point-in-time vendor risk report.

We enhance visibility into third-party vulnerabilities by footprinting your third parties’ networks to assess their cyber hygiene, such as open ports and misconfigured or expired certs – passively and unintrusively, without direct engagement with your third parties. Analysts use our dashboard to view risks so they can alert your security team of potential risks and suggest incident response - reducing time-to-action from 191 days1 to a few, decisive moments.

Built-in reporting allows the proper collection and easy metric delivery to organizational leaders, promoting visibility across the organization’s security posture.

What We Monitor

Structured Data

  • Malware hosting/distribution
  • Virus/Botnet infection
  • Command-and-Control activity
  • Malicious/Scanning behavior
  • Observed Spam
  • Questionable Asset Use
  • Phishing activity
  • Emergent vulnerabilities
  • Port and cert information

Unstructured Data

  • Reported breach of your vendor
  • Suspicious domain registrations & spear-phishing exposure

Why LookingGlass and Agilient?

LookingGlass and Agilient deliver unified threat protection against sophisticated cyber attacks for global enterprises and government agencies. Our comprehensive portfolio of managed services, threat platforms, machine-readable feeds, and automated threat response products – all supported by a global team of intelligence analysts – provides unprecedented visibility, response, and management of digital business risks. Prioritised, timely, and relevant cyber threat intelligence insights enable customers to take action across the different stages of the attack life cycle. Organisations of any size and level of security operations maturity leverage our 20+ years of tradecraft and investment in scalable, innovative solutions to protect their most valuable assets – brand, employees, customers, networks, and facilities.

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