A Digital Risk Assessment Platform

scoutTHREAT is a digital risk assessment platform that is distributed in Australia by Agilient. It empowers your team to efficiently detect and respond to the threats most relevant to your organisation. With threat modelling and risk scoring tools, your security team can continually process, prioritise, and rapidly operationalise incoming intelligence. scoutTHREAT enhances the efficacy of your cybers security program and measurably reduces your organisation’s cyber risk.

Anticipate your Adversaries Next Move

scoutTHREAT models cyber security threats so your organisation can predict an adversary’s next move and plan an appropriate defense. Advanced threat modelling allows your security team to build a correlation between atomic indicators, potential threats to the organisation, and the motivation behind the threat.

Prioritise Threats

scoutTHREAT allows you to identify and prioritise the specific gaps in YOUR organisation’s defenses by understanding which of YOUR weaknesses are most likely to be exploited, how and by whom. scoutTHREAT’s built-in risk scoring allows analysts to assign a risk score to contextualised threats, assigning a level of risk based on a threat’s ability, likelihood, and intent to harm the organisation. Illuminate the most critical threats by laying your organisation’s security readiness and vulnerabilities over the top of scoutTHREAT’s risk scoring matrix.

Streamline Workflows

Streamline analyst work with custom workbenches, threat intelligence investigation, centralised RFI management and repository, and a RESTful API. scoutTHREAT allows you to quickly research, prioritise and coordinate the response to threats.

By following a risk management process to arrive at a prioritised list of threats, analysts can now speak the language of the business - risk.

Why LookingGlass and Agilient?

LookingGlass and Agilient deliver unified threat protection against sophisticated cyber attacks for global enterprises and government agencies. Our comprehensive portfolio of managed services, threat platforms, machine-readable feeds, and automated threat response products – all supported by a global team of intelligence analysts – provides unprecedented visibility, response, and management of digital business risks. Prioritised, timely, and relevant cyber threat intelligence insights enable customers to take action across the different stages of the attack life cycle. Organisations of any size and level of security operations maturity leverage our 20+ years of tradecraft and investment in scalable, innovative solutions to protect their most valuable assets – brand, employees, customers, networks, and facilities.

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