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Security Consulting Services Adelaide

Our Adelaide team are highly skilled in cybersecurity, physical security and risk assessments. We analyse the security protocols within your organisation and advise on strategies to align your organisation’s security needs to meet government standards & regulations.

Our Adelaide team are highly skilled in cybersecurity, physical security and risk assessments.

We analyse the security protocols within your organisation and advise on strategies to align your organisation’s security needs to meet government standards & regulations.

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Planning and executing projects throughout Adelaide, our team is your first defence in protecting your organisation, assets and people.


From firewalls to penetration testing, our Cybersecurity team are at the forefront of information technology.


Agilient are highly regarded Government security consultants who have worked with a range of Government Departments and managed their security needs.

Industries We Work With


We offer tailored security solutions across South Australia, to ensure secure and optimised broadband and wireless solutions. Telecommunications providers in Adelaide work alongside Agilient to identify, manage and develop their security strategies.

Learn more about how Agilient work with the Telecommunications industry here. And don’t hesitate to contact us.

Hospital Security

Protecting hospitals and their systems is of vital importance, and ensuring hospitals across South Australia are safe and secure is one of our areas of expertise. Our team of security consultants have years of experience in providing the most technologically advanced and tailored security assessments and solutions to Hospitals, Health Centres, Local Health Districts, Health Departments, and more. Agilient provides the following services:

  • Dealing with Aggressive and Violent Clients;
  • Health Protective Security;
  • Health IT Systems Penetration Testing;
  • Health-Related Business Continuity Planning;
  • Health Cyber Security; and
  • Health IT Governance.

Agilient’s security model for hospitals in Adelaide and across SA enables us to understand current security policies and risk profiles, and advise on opportunities for improvement. For more information about our Hospital Security Service click here.

Research and Education Sectors

Research and education play an integral role in contributing to industry collaboration and innovation. The Education sector is worth billions of dollars to the Australian economy. And with more overseas students choosing to study in South Australia, the value of this sector will continue to grow. Agilient specialises in ensuring the security of research and education facilities across South Australia.

Read more about Agilient’s experience in the Education and Research industries here. Contact us to book a consultation with one of our professionals.

Public Venues & Events

Large cultural and arts events bring many visitors to Adelaide. And with some of Australia’s most scenic and diverse tourist locations, Adelaide is a destination city for travellers.

Agilient works with the Adelaide Events sector to provide high standards of security and essential consultations. These services range from planning security protocols to assessing risks and threats associated with certain events and venues. For more information on securing public venues & events click here. To get in contact with Agilient’s consultants contact us.

Physical Security

Experienced in working with Government Agencies, Defence Forces and critical infrastructure based in Adelaide, Agilient provides high-end security standards that help keep businesses and Government physically safe. Agilient approaches the implementation of physical security using the Enterprise Risk Management framework, which assesses the following areas:
  • Identification of potential events that may affect the organisation
  • Management of risk within organisational boundaries
  • Provision of reasonable assurance regarding the achievement of organisational objectives
Along with following guidelines and frameworks from other industry standards in the security sector, Agilient provides a holistic approach to their clients. For more information about security services click here.

Business Continuity Management (BCM)

Cyber-attacks can cripple businesses without a back-up plan, and Agilient’s Business Continuity Management system allows Government departments and businesses in Adelaide to respond and recover effectively against cyber-attacks.

Agilient’s framework follows four phases:

  • Prepare & Prevent
  • Respond
  • Recover
  • Review & Improve

This allows organisations to understand where their weak points are, along with understanding how to improve on them. To book in with Agilient’s consultants regarding a Business Continuity Management plan contact us.

Emergency Management

With the current pandemic, it is critical for businesses and Government services to be able to manage during an emergency scenario. Agilient has developed a business resilience framework that guides businesses in Adelaide and across South Australia, to ensure they survive emergency scenarios.

Agilient’s holistic approach to risk mitigation ensures our clients have Business Resilience Programs (BRP) that are dynamic. For a detailed look into the Business Resilience Program click here. And to book an assessment, contact us.

Disaster Recovery

Agilient works alongside Government departments and organizations in Adelaide to provide Disaster Recovery Plans that help organisations to assess the risks associated with a natural disaster, and provide solutions to ensure SA businesses recover.

Agilient’s customised and robust approach, consistent with best practices relevant to your industry and ISO Standards, ensures that your IT Disaster Recovery Plan (ITDRP) mitigates risks. These can include:

  • Extended disruption or inability to deliver services that depend on systems
  • Inability to recover systems and restore lost data
  • Subsequent financial loss
  • Reputational damage

To find out more about Agilient’s IT Disaster Recovery Plan (ITDRP) click here.

Frequently Asked Penetration Testing Questions

Agilient provides a number of frameworks and industry standards for both physical security and cybersecurity. We first define the scope of your security requirements, and the type of framework needed for implementation. Contact us today for a confidential discussion.

A penetration test is a good approach to mitigate cybersecurity risks. There is no standardised timeline for conducting penetration testing, because each client’s situation is different, and their requirements for documentation may vary. The first step would be to consult with us at Agilient. We conduct penetration testing in the following areas:

  1. Websites and Applications
  2. Wireless networks
  3. Corporate networks

Our specialised model of penetration testing allows businesses in SA to stay ahead of the risks, and mitigate threats associated with cyber-attacks. A detailed guide about our model is found here. To book your penetration test today please contact us.

Agilient has several offices located across Australia, including New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Agilient has set up virtual consultation services. This allows us to bypass the physical distancing regulation and still connect with our clients. For more information about our assessment service within and outside of Adelaide, contact us today.

Agilient provides strategies and plans for organisations to best handle emergency situations. These strategies are:

  1. IT Disaster Recovery Plan
  2. Business Resilience Program

Before implementing these strategies, Agilient conducts assessments on the organisation’s current model/strategy in order to identify areas of improvement. Depending on the severity of the situation and the response required, there may be cases where our response team might be needed to help deal with that specific emergency situation.

Contact us at Agilient to start planning for your organisation’s emergency response.

The first step in conducting an onsite consultation in Adelaide is to contact Agilient using this form. Please include in your enquiry what you need Agilient to assess specifically, and if there is a certain security standard in mind that your organisation follows or would like to implement or improve. One of our consultants will then contact you to set an appointment for the onsite consultation.

The BCM framework is crucial to businesses recovering from natural disasters, cyber-attacks or terror attacks. Agilient has included this framework within the Business Continuity and Resilience program. Within the BCM framework, our consultants conduct the following review:

  1. Impact Assessment
  2. Development and Implementation
  3. Testing
  4. Maintenance
  5. Training

The process for a BCM framework consultation is very simple – contact us at Agilient to set up an appointment.

While it is important for every organisation to have an Emergency Management Plan, multiple consultations within a short period of time will not increase the resilience or overall effectiveness of a plan. It is possible to book in multiple consultations for Emergency Management Planning however, based on ISO standards and other industry standards, Agilient’s  Business Continuity and Resilience program includes a Review and Improve stage, which encourages businesses to conduct a review at a scheduled period.

Agilient has extensive experience in partnering with Federal and State Government agencies and Australian businesses, to ensure they have effective disaster recovery capability. We assist clients in determining the balance between focusing on preventative actions and planning to manage the consequences of possible disruptions.

Importantly, IT Disaster Recovery Plans (ITDRP) are not static documents. Agilient recommends including scheduled reviews of your ITDRP to ensure that all components are up-to-date and aligned with your current business objectives.

Contact us for more information about consultation regarding IT Disaster Recovery Plans and Reviews.

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