Aeonik™ Security Fabric

Next-generation IDPS

The LookingGlass® Aeonik Security Fabric is distributed in Australia by Agilient and is a next-generation Intrusion Detection and Prevention System (IDPS) providing comprehensive visibility and advanced threat response for complete and effective defense across your enterprise network. Aeonik illuminates all areas of the environment to quickly identify, hunt, disrupt, and respond to adversary activities at the moment and point of attack.

A software-based solution that requires no specialised hardware, Aeonik’s framework allows for flexible deployment - whether on-premise, cloud, or hybrid - and in as many locations as desired.

Security Woven into your Network

Aeonik’s software-based framework combines network traffic analysis, behavior and signature-based detection, threat intelligence, and advanced threat response delivering coordinated detection and mitigation at line rate. This approach allows for dynamic detection and response to malicious behavior across the entire enterprise the first time it is seen anywhere on the network. This orchestration within zones pushes responses throughout the fabric, so no matter where the event is detected, the appropriate response will occur everywhere deemed applicable.

Layers of Security Fabric

Built on open standards and protocols including OpenFlow and STIX 2.1, Aeonik supports current and future security investments. Aeonik also comes “out of the box” with pre-built integrations for leading SIEMs, Threat Intelligence ingestion, and other common elements of the security stack using formats like Common Event Format (CEF) and Log Event Extended Format (LEEF). Aeonik is the answer to the evolving software-defined, borderless network environment, reducing the need for custom integrations and offering standards-based interoperability.

At its core, Aeonik provides deep visibility into communications across on-premises, public cloud, and hybrid environments, illuminating all areas of the environment to identify, hunt, disrupt, and respond to adversary activities at the moment and point of attack.

We added behavioral and signature-based detection and extended those or dynamic, coordinated, and automated network defense, all at line rate.

Taking it even further than a typical IDPS, Aeonik’s capabilities go beyond the simple block, drop, and quarantine. With Aeonik, you can defend, confuse, deceive, and delay attacks at the most appropriate phase of the kill chain.

Why LookingGlass and Agilient?

LookingGlass and Agilient deliver unified threat protection against sophisticated cyber attacks for global enterprises and government agencies. Our comprehensive portfolio of managed services, threat platforms, machine-readable feeds, and automated threat response products – all supported by a global team of intelligence analysts – provides unprecedented visibility, response, and management of digital business risks. Prioritised, timely, and relevant cyber threat intelligence insights enable customers to take action across the different stages of the attack life cycle. Organisations of any size and level of security operations maturity leverage our 20+ years of tradecraft and investment in scalable, innovative solutions to protect their most valuable assets – brand, employees, customers, networks, and facilities.

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