A Global Attack Surface Management platform

Cyber is the new battlefield. Agilient has the map.

Organisations face countless problems when contextualizing threat intelligence. The industry is drowning in feeds that are marketed as intelligence — these feeds come in many formats and types, often overlap, and don’t always relate to the organisation’s needs. Most of the platforms available have no way of differentiating from different sources and do not allow analysts to rank data by relevance, reliability, or importance.

scoutPRIME is a cyber situational awareness platform (CASP) that is distributed in Australia by Agilient. It is a provides a holistic view of the external threat landscape so you can determine how threats impact your security posture. It’s unique footprinting capabilities and tools map the Internet, overlays it with top tier threat intelligence and delivers notifications on a host of indicators of compromise and risk.

scoutPRIME is global attack surface management platform that provides an “outside-in” view of an organisation’s security vulnerabilities. With scoutPRIME, you can assess and manage, on a 24/7/365 basis, the risk to your organisation, subsidiaries, partners, suppliers, and other parties of interest. scoutPRIME empowers you to identify and manage risk associated with systems outside of your perimeter with visibility, context, and actionable intelligence.

The platform centralizes the collection and normalization of structured and unstructured data as well as other commercial data feeds you already ingest.

scoutPRIME’s workflows allow analysts to configure notifications, schedule reports and collaborate. Export threat intelligence in a variety of formats, via an API that allows for tailored data sets, or a third party system integration to orchestrate active defense via your security appliances.

Stay Ahead of Threats

scoutPRIME offers continuous visibility into 11 categories of risk and compromises to help your organization stay ahead of threats. Map the network assets of any entity of interest and continuously monitor each entity’s IPs, domains, CIDRs, websites, and mail servers.

Enhance Security Operations

scoutPRIME provides rich context and deep data analytics to enhance existing SOC operations. Integration with existing SIEM and big data solutions provides deeper insights and a broader view of the potential threats and risks associated with any single or collection of Internet assets.

Take Informed Action

scoutPRIME empowers your team to take informed action with customizable, real-time alerting on observed risks and threats associated with assets of interest. Optimise your reporting and decision-making with unlimited, on-demand or scheduled reports of threats from any public-facing Internet element or collection of elements.

Why LookingGlass and Agilient?

LookingGlass and Agilient deliver unified threat protection against sophisticated cyber attacks for global enterprises and government agencies. Our comprehensive portfolio of managed services, threat platforms, machine-readable feeds, and automated threat response products – all supported by a global team of intelligence analysts – provides unprecedented visibility, response, and management of digital business risks. Prioritised, timely, and relevant cyber threat intelligence insights enable customers to take action across the different stages of the attack life cycle. Organisations of any size and level of security operations maturity leverage our 20+ years of tradecraft and investment in scalable, innovative solutions to protect their most valuable assets – brand, employees, customers, networks, and facilities.

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