Lookingglass Solutions

Solutions powered by LookingGlass and distributed by Agilient.

Aeonik™ Security Fabric

The Aeonik Security Fabric is a unified threat detection & mitigation platform that combines network sensors, detection, and prevention capabilities into a software-based solution that weaves security into your network architecture. It delivers asset visibility, network traffic analysis, behavior and signature-based threat detection, threat intelligence integration, and advanced mitigation in a single package. 

scoutPrime™ Cyber Situational Awareness Platform

scoutPRIME is a global attack surface management platform that provides continuous monitoring of your global attack surface, showing you the risk of any external system or company that touches your network or matters to your business. 


Cybersecurity is continuously evolving—both threat actor methods and security practitioner defense. Continuously adjusting to these evolving Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs) is a challenge to even the most advanced security operations. 

Third Party Risk Monitoring

Your organisation faces harrowing digital risk from your third parties—whose networks you don’t have any visibility into or control over.

Managed Threat Intelligence

A managed service that provides 24 x 7 x 365 coverage, continuously monitoring the internet for real time indicators of risks and threats to your network and employees.