Awareness of the need for security risk management has increased enormously in recent times, as news media in particular has made clear the real and growing presence of national, business and community security threats. 

Whilst some organisations are not consciously attuned to it, the security risk profile of many includes the potential for major fraud, intellectual property theft, cyber-attack and instances of bribery, issue motivated attacks and even terrorism.

Many organisations are specifically regulated and compelled to comply with certain security obligations, and are also expected to identify security risks as part of their contractual requirements, especially when working with Governments. A failure to do so can be costly, especially where potential risks were foreseeable.

On the other hand, proactive security risk management demonstrates good governance and is designed to shield an organisation from disruption, losses and potential penalties, should something go wrong.

Agilient’s security risk management consultants deliver a highly-tailored approach to security risk assessments and management practices, which designed to enable you to tackle these challenges head on. Our leading methods are tailored to the unique needs and characteristics of each organisation, and our flexible approach means we easily avoid or overcome any difficulties that may arise.

With a leadership group that holds more than 50 combined years in delivering security risk-related services to a high-profile global client base, our knowledge, expertise and pragmatism is what sets us apart.

In the current National and global security environment, it is crucial to clearly understand and mitigate security risks effectively, and our particular experience has been derived through continual involvement within some of the highest risk sectors in the country, including: Aviation; Defence; Health; Border Protection; Law Enforcement and many others.

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