Counter Terrorism Consulting

Since 2014, the national terrorism threat in Australia has been listed as probable, meaning there is an intention and capability for terrorism in our country. In this environment, it is important for organisations to remain vigilant and proactive in their approach to counter terrorism.

Contemporary terrorism utilises increasingly complex and diverse forms of violence and often indiscriminately targets a variety of individuals, groups and businesses. That is why it is critical to not only understand your organisations exposure to threats from terrorism, but to evaluate how prepared you are and what mitigation strategies, if any, are in place.
The ability to anticipate and manage threats from terrorism is invaluable in disrupting attacks and reducing the impact on an organisation’s livelihood and integrity. This involves evaluating a variety of organisational elements such as infrastructure, access authorisation and environmental design.

At Agilient, we understand the paramount importance of counter terrorism consulting for a variety of entities, ensuring that we have the most qualified and knowledgeable consultants to provide this advice. Agilient offers a range of counter terrorism consulting, including:

  • Conducting preliminary vulnerability assessments;
  • Conducting threat and risk assessments;
  • Conducting security audits;
  • Developing emergency manuals or crisis responses;
  • Developing and implementing protective design strategies
Evaluating and mitigating threats from terrorism vigilantly can be a complex and lengthy process. However, Agilient is able to utilise our uniquely experienced and professional consultants to deliver the best service possible to each and every client.