Building Security Consultants

Creating a unique and comprehensive Security Plan for your building is critical in protecting your organisation, its assets and its people. Each building is different, depending on features such as infrastructure, services, assets and geography. At Agilient, our security consultants can develop a comprehensive understanding your building and its needs, in order to develop effective strategies to secure it.


Building security encompasses a wide variety of security measures and policies that are designed to protect your infrastructure, assets, property and people against intruders. A mix of nature, people and technology must be utilised in order to effectively secure your building.

Building security can be broken down into three general elements; the outer perimeter, the inner perimeter and the interior. At each level, it is important to implement specialised security techniques and features, creating various intertwined layers of defence for your building.

The outer perimeter is the general property. This can be secured using techniques such as Territorial Reinforcement to emphasize the feeling of ownership and proprietary behaviour, and Natural Access Control, which utilises natural opportunities from the environment for crime prevention. You can learn more about Agilient’s Security Design Consulting here.
Consisting of the buildings walls, windows and door, securing the inner perimeter is often achieved through systems such as alarms, card/badge readers, locks and keys, denying or restricting access to a crime target through physical barriers. Finally, the interior security systems are the final layer of defence and often involve CCTV cameras, motion detectors, security guards and Access Control systems. At Agilient, we provide specialised Physical Security Consulting that comes from years of experience.

It is important to recognise that your building will face specific risks depending on a variety of differing factors, requiring a tailored Security Plan designed by security professionals like Agilient. We offer a variety of Building Security Consulting services including:

  • Conducting Technical Security Control Assessments and Security Risk Assessments
  • Designing and implementing principles of Security Zones and Layers
  • Implementing the principles of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)
  • Engineering and implementing Access Control systems
  • Designing and implementing CCTV systems and other sensors and detectors including infrared and laser sensors
  • Designing and implementing alarms and monitoring systems
  • Designing and implementing biometric systems and data analytics
  • Managing, reviewing and optimising security guarding workforces