IT Security

Information Technology (IT) security is a complex and critical element of the 21st century. As technology continues to embed itself in everyday life and hacking techniques become more refined by the day, it is vital to protect and constantly revaluate our information systems and their vulnerabilities.

Around the world businesses, governments and individuals are increasingly relying on technology in their day to day activities; creating, processing, storing and exchanging electronic data in an increasingly sophisticated digital world.
The ability to secure these information systems is known as IT security. It is the implementation of strategies and systems that are designed to prevent unauthorised access to your organisations digital assets and network devices, helping to uphold the confidentiality, value, integrity, availability and intended use of your organisations critical functions.
Threats to Information Technology come in many shapes and forms and are constantly evolving every day. Common types include ransomware, viruses, insider threats and phishing. While it is often difficult and expensive to keep on top of your IT security needs, it is more cost effective in the long run and can create significant competitive advantage.

It is important to take a holistic and personalised approach to each client’s IT security needs. That is why, when helping organisations address their IT security, Agilent focuses on:

  • Securing their critical assets
  • Managing risks more effectively
  • Improving and maintaining customer confidence
  • Demonstrating conformance to international best practice
  • Avoiding brand damage, loss of earnings or potential regulatory fines
  • Evolving their information security posture alongside technological developments
The growing threats in the digital world today mean it is essential to develop robust and dynamic IT security strategies and measures for your organisation. Agilient’s consultants specialise in helping you through this no matter what stage of the process you are in, contact us today to find out how.