IT Infrastructure Monitoring Solutions
Solutions powered by Sightline and distributed by Agilient.
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Real-Time IT Monitoring and Analytics

  • Visualise and analyse alerts and performance issues in real time
  • Detect, analyse and act on IT events impacting the business
  • Prevent potential IT performance problems before they occur
  • Use machine learning to reduce Mean Time To Resolution (MTTR)
  • Make informed decisions about configuring your IT environment
  • Avoid over-provisioning and reduce unnecessary costs
  • Improve operational efficiency, realise cost savings & reduce total cost of ownership
  • Consolidate multiple monitoring tools into a single pane of glass

Better Monitoring

Continuously monitor IT and IIoT systems and infrastructure with a single, unified solution.

Faster Analytics

Analyse thousands of data points in real time to identify issues and prevent downtime.

Stronger Operations

Eliminate waste by underscoring trends, data and patterns that are affecting efficiency

Secure Data/Secure Environment

Encrypt all data, dynamically isolate threats, and protect from cyber attacks with the added security feature of SIAS*