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How to secure staff working from home and overcome VPN vulnerabilities


  • Thursday, 30 April at 9AM (AEST)


9AM – 9:45AM. 30 minute presentation, 15 minute Q&A

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Over 90% of an organisation’s workforce is working from home right now. To address the question How secure are my remote users? – join our webinar in partnership with Unisys, demonstrating how organisations with very low risk tolerance, such as US Federal Agencies that support defence and intelligence communities have secured their VPN networks and isolated home networks.

We’ll discuss:
  • Inherent problems with VPN networks & protecting critical assets
  • The current situation of corporate networks now working remotely
  • The generic increase in attacks faced by working from home
  • How to use microsegmentation to dynamically isolate threats faced by home networks

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When the physical and digital worlds converge, how do you protect critical infrastructure? Join our 25 June Live Event with partners Unisys and Sightline focussing on securing energy, water, utility & manufacturing infrastructure in an evolving threat landscape.

Aimed at critical infrastructure organisations, we’ll explore:
– industry convergence trends
– the security of SCADA, embedded systems and sensors
– case studies, transformative technologies connecting the physical world with the digital world
– continuing to secure infrastructure in an evolving threat landscape


  • Thursday 25 June 9:00am Sydney


Chris Blask, Global Director Industrial and IoT Security at Unisys


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If you missed our live event with Jack Koons, Chief Cybersecurity Strategist with Unisys, this is one to watch, with Jack’s insights into ensuring business survival in the new network realities of remote work.


How secure are my remote users?


Jack Koons, Chief Cybersecurity Strategist at Unisys
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Chris Blask

Chris serves as Global Director Industrial Security with Unisys. His career spans the breadth of the cybersecurity industry for more than 25 years. He invented one of the first firewall products, built a multi-billion dollar firewall business at Cisco System, co-founded an early SIEM vendor, authored the first book on SIEM, founded an information sharing centre for critical infrastructures, and has advised public and private organisations in every sector around the world. In his role within the Office of Innovation at Unisys Chris created and leads the Operational Technology and IoT practices, invented the Digital Bill of Materials (DBoM) structure, and established the Unisys Marine Living Research Centre. Today he chairs a range of non-profit cybersecurity organisations and contributes to a wide range of global security efforts.

Jack Koons

Jack serves as Chief Cybersecurity Strategist and technology evangelist responsible for development, enablement, and execution of Unisys global security go-to-market efforts; and is also active within InfraGard (in conjunction with the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation), focused on critical infrastructure protection. Jack has a 25-year career (retired) United States Department of Defense full-spectrum Cyber Warfare Officer whose globally-spanning operational assignments include extensive service within the US National Intelligence, Special Operations, and Cyber communities.

Mathew Newfield

Mathew leads the Unisys Corporate Information Security team with responsibility for design, development and implementation of the company's corporate information security and risk programs across all regions and functions. Mathew has over 19 years of experience in Information Technology with a focus on Security, Software as a Service Operations, Risk Auditing and Management, and international Mergers and Acquisitions.