Industry Outreach

Agilient proactively engages with Government and the private sector to contribute back to the industry and to develop new security methods, tools and templates.

We do this to benefit security practitioners and managers and the content we develop is available to those who participate in our forums.

This ongoing process of reaching out to industry has included things such as:

    • A new MS Excel-based PSPF Audit Checklist made available to more than 20 Commonwealth Departments and Agencies prior to the first AGD reporting period in 2012.
    • An ISM/27K/ASD Top 35/NIST cyber-security controls mapping toolset. The purpose of this is to quickly enable assurance checking for those who must comply with these regimes.
    • Provision of practical advice on Handbook 167 (Security Risk Management) and related spreadsheets via the largest Government security conference in Australia ‘Security in Government’.
    • Methodological contributions through numerous security and resilience Technical and standards Working Groups associated with Standards Australia, ISO, ASIS International, ASIAL and others.
    • Contributions to and recognition of our roles during the development of the Protective Security Policy Framework (PSPF) and Security Risk Management Body of Knowledge.

If you would like to make contact and receive existing security methods, tools and templates, contact us now. If you would like to participate in future initiatives and receive the latest materials, join us through our LinkedIn company page.


In view of the important role they play in supporting the community, Agilient and its personnel also support a number of charitable causes through donations to: