Protection against Vehicles as a Weapon

The use of Hostile Vehicles, otherwise known as Vehicles as a Weapon (VaW), has been around for some time, with recent terror attacks indicating that this method is still widely favoured due to its low capability requirements and devastating impacts. However, while the nature of these attacks has evolved over time, so too have our responses.


What is on the line here is of course safety; but other elements such as business continuity, organisational reputation and legal requirements are also important considerations. That is why today, organisations are tasked with striking a balance between proportionate security measures, the needs of the business and the functionality of spaces. With innovative physical protective security designs being implemented around the world, organisations have the opportunity to make their site as safe as reasonably possible for staff and public.

The protection of places from Hostile Vehicles requires close attention to road and vehicle management, architecture and urban design. Designing and implementing security measures for Hostile Vehicle attacks can be complicated, costly and, if not done correctly, disruptive to staff and the public. That as why expert consultant advice is essential in this process; experts are able to ensure measures are functional, proportionate, tailored and effective.


Hot spots for Vehicles as a Weapon attacks include places that attract large crowds such as shopping centres, stadiums, hotels, CBD’s. It is important to factor in changing crowd densities as well, for example during sporting events or holidays. Understanding your unique level of Hostile Vehicle risk is vital in ensuring that your security measures are not under or over-engineered, meanwhile early implementation has been proven to reduce the costs associated with and effectiveness of Vehicle as a Weapon protection.

Agilient’s expert consultants have years of unique experience and training in the area of Vehicle as a Weapon protection. They focus on providing tailored mitigation solutions that fit your organisations physical and practical context and providing optimal, holistic approaches to safety through security by design. Contact us today to see what Agilient can do to help your business can protect against the risk of Vehicles as Weapons.