Pandemic Planning

Although pandemics occur infrequently, being adequately prepared for an outbreak should be an essential component of every organisation’s risk management strategy. Agilient assists organisations with their pandemic planning in the key areas of Emergency Management, Crisis Management and Business Continuity Planning. Organisations that lack a formal enterprise protective security strategy more often than not make intuitive decisions rather than informed ones. Thus they spend more than they should on strategies that don’t work and routinely fail to identify potentially serious security threats, vulnerabilities and risks within their organisation.

Operating in a ‘business not-as-usual’ environment presents many challenges. Agilient’s expert consultants can assist executives assess their workforce, operational and reputational risks. Our pandemic risk assessment includes the impact of absenteeism, illness or death on your business. We also assess the operational impacts of transport-related delays, supply chain disruptions and conduct contingency planning to ensure your business priorities are appropriately triaged. Agilent’s integrated approach to pandemic-related business risks will provide you with the confidence that your operational, financial and reputational risks are appropriately assessed, and that your emergency management framework and business continuity plan will mitigate disruption-related risks.

Our innovative approach

  • Maximise agility in preparation and incident response processes. 
  • Increase clarity and confidence in individual roles and responsibilities.
  • Optimise communication to protect reputation and brand. 
  • Minimise cost and internal change requirements to a reasonable level. 
  • Review digital technology strategy to optimise remote work options and restrict travel to essential only.

Pandemic planning services

  • Preparedness. 
  • Response and recovery-related capabilities. 
  • Business continuity management. 
  • Emergency management. 
  • Crisis management.