Agilient provides managed security services to a range of Australian and multi-national companies, Government Departments and Agencies.

These services include supporting all aspects of implementing risk-treatment plans/programs, assurance initiatives and continual improvement activities. In addition to the other services detailed on this website, they specifically include:

  • By-exception and periodic risk reviews.
  • Retained/embedded expertise and advice.
  • External auditing, reviews and reports.
  • Risk treatment costing analyses.
  • Threat monitoring and reporting.
  • Contracted security project management.

Seeking to establish a continuing relationship with our clients reflects one of our key philosophies, which is that genuine, enduring partnerships are essential for both a client and their supplier.

A key benefit for Agilient is an increased level of understanding of an organisation over time, and thus our ability to add greater value.

The many benefits for our clients include:

  • immediately available expertise to augment internal capabilities;
  • specialist surge assistance for major initiatives;
  • previously established mutual understanding;
  • intimacy of understanding and continuity in service levels; and
  • reduced procurement costs and time.

What this also means is that we are still around when our clients are measuring our past results – that means we must do everything to an exceptional level at all times.

Agilient’s unique selling proposition of being the expert in end-to-end, fully integrated security services and solutions illustrates the long term value that we offer our clients.

Engage and collaborate with us today to share the load.