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IT Disaster Recovery Plan

IT disaster recovery is the ability of the IT elements of an organization to support its critical business functions to an acceptable level within a predetermined period of time following a disruption. An ICT DRP is a clearly defined and documented plan which recovers ICT capabilities when a disruption occurs. ICT disaster recovery planning is an essential component of all organisations’ business continuity strategy.

Although the likelihood of a major disaster or significant disruption is generally low, the consequences of a system failure that cannot be restored could be significant or catastrophic.

Agilient has extensive expertise in partnering with federal and state government agencies, and Australian businesses to ensure their clients have effective disaster recovery capability. We assist clients in determining the balance between focusing on preventative actions and planning to manage the consequences of possible disruptions.

Our customised and robust approach, consistent with best practice relevant to your industry and/or ISO Standards. This ensures that your IT Disaster Recovery Plan (ITDRP) mitigates risks, such as:
  • extended disruption or inability to deliver services that depend on systems
  • inability to recover systems and restore lost data
  • subsequent financial loss
  • reputational damage
ASIC cyber-attack

Organisations’ IT Disaster Recovery Teams should include both IT and operations focused staff who are appropriately trained and ready to act in an emergency. Knowledge and understanding of the plan, with clearly defined roles, responsibilities and communication strategies in place are essential components of an effective ICT DRP.

Importantly, DRPs are not static documents. Agilient recommends including scheduled reviews of your ITDRP to ensure that all components are up-to-date and aligned with your current business objectives. For example, consider regular reviews of emerging risks that could be costly and/or costly to resolve.

Agilient’s innovative approach ensures:

  • Interconnectedness between operational functions to support coordinated, enterprise-wide responses to IT disaster recovery with effective communication strategies
  • Strong Business Impact Analysis (BIA) to appropriately identify and triage disaster recovery priorities
  • Training gaps are identified and accompanied by appropriate resolution strategies
  • Executive teams are provided with the right information to make risk-based investment decisions