Having a well defined, robust and resilient security strategy is critical to any organisation that seeks to safeguard their assets, systems and people.

This is because organisations that lack a formal enterprise security strategy more often than not make intuitive decisions rather than informed ones. Thus they spend more than they should on strategies that don’t work and routinely fail to identify potentially serious security threats, vulnerabilities and risks within their organisation.

At Agilient, our focus is to mitigate security risks through a strong governance framework that looks at an organisation as whole. We then assist in building a tailored security strategy that addresses an organisation’s risk profile.

Security governance is about implementing a strategy that makes individuals within the organisation accountable for outcomes as well as looking at: appropriately designed policies, plans and procedures; documented arrangements for scheduled and ad-hoc forums; training; protocols, methodologies, and a host of other supporting arrangements.

Agilient is fortunate to have at the helm senior executive managers who have led some of the largest corporate security portfolios in the country.

As such we possess unrivalled consulting expertise in:

  • Enterprise security strategy spanning both protective and cyber-security domains.
  • Designing and drafting document frameworks, which integrate with other functional areas (HR, operations, finance, operations etc.)
  • Crafting business cases for resourcing and risk-justified initiatives.
  • Understanding and translating regulatory obligations to inform compliance activities.
  • Understanding the utility, role and methods used by government and industry bodies.
  • Achieving genuine cultural change through change management initiatives incorporating marketing, communications and technologies.

Our strategic security services are proven, polished and professional, and our consulting staff all have experienced backgrounds in both operational and strategic settings.

Agilient can help align your enterprise security program with other functional areas so that it is mutually supportive, receives the appropriate level of regard and resourcing, and is sufficiently comprehensive to mitigate all serious security risks. Some of the key areas we address in our security strategies include:

  • Strategy and key objectives, underpinned by KPIs.
  • Balanced scorecards.
  • Resourcing business cases.
  • Business Resilience Programs.
  • Security competency building.
  • Security intelligence, threat and risk management.
  • Compliance and assurance.
  • Security accountabilities.
  • Personnel, technology and physical security convergence.

Every organisation is different, even those that appear, by all accounts, the same. In delivering security strategy and governance advice, we take the time to appreciate those differences in bringing form to your security function.

Contact us today to discuss how we can assist in designing or improving your current security strategy to ensure it aligns with and intimately supports your organisation’s objectives.