Business Resilience Program

Agilient facilitates the implementation of Business Continuity and Resiliency services that are governed by an integrated policy and frameworks for security, business continuity management and incidents including emergency management and crisis management. Being poorly prepared for a disruption-related risk on your business can far outweigh the expense required to mitigate the risk. Consequences to organisations following a disruption-related risk could include injuries to employees, diminished revenues and disrupted operations and damage to a company’s brand and reputation.


Our innovative approach

  • Maximise agility in preparation and incident response processes
  • Increase clarity and confidence in individual roles and responsibilities
  • Minimise cost and internal change requirements to a reasonable level
  • Restrict program governance to the essentials only

Business resilience services

  • Prevention
  • Preparedness
  • Response and recovery-related capabilities
  • Business continuity management
  • Emergency management
  • Crisis management
Agilient has been designing and delivering security, business continuity and incident management services for more than 50 combined years – this includes an enduring level of involvement in industry standards development and leadership. As industry leaders in security consulting, we bring a wealth of subject matter and consulting expertise to promote end-to-end integration during design and delivery of security systems and processes. We also focus on fostering a culture of resilience within organisations.